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Healthy hooves.....naturally!

Looking to learn more about hooves? Are you the studious type? I recommend taking the Natural Hoof Care Course from Penzance.  The Owner's class (NHC 101) is a good start to learn all about holistic natural hoof care and for those wanting to become professionals, you can progress to the Professional course (NHC 102) to get even more instruction. It's an online education, great for learning anatomy. But,if you don't have the time, money or desire to take a class, I already took them and will happily pass on my knowledge in the form of competent hoof care for your horses. If you want to check out the classes, look at the link below.

Nature's Design Horse and Hoof Care: For people in Georgia looking for a trimmer in their area.

Equinextion: detailed information about hoof anatomy with cadaver samples


HAY HUTS can help protect your round bale from the weather and horses wasting the hay by sleeping in it or urinating/pooping in it. Call Marshall  @ 316-323-4338 for these lightweight, easy to use HAY HUTS.

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